Character Moxie identified the need for an affordable, scalable, effective way to reintroduce character education to American classrooms and challenged a group of experts to answer that need.  The development team includes:

  • Dr. Marvin Berkowitz and Dr. Mindy Bier at the Center of Character & Citizenship at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

  • Lion Forge Labs, an award winning minority owned creative media company based in St. Louis, Missouri. 

  • WeBe®, a creative communications and education company based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Based on the results* of the WeBelieve in Schools 1.0 pilot program implemented in urban, suburban and rural schools in over 50 schools across multiple states, version 2.0 is being developed for a January, 2018 release.   

*Kansas University's  Center for Public Partnerships, Research Achievement & Assessment Institute WeBeSchools Educator Survey 


View Character Moxie's 501c3 Approval Document here.