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We want every leader in education for every interaction, accessment and decision, outwardly and inwardly run through a moral and performance character (virtues) checklist.  CEEL - Check Emerging Leaders List. 


Create Character Based Leaders School Building Wide Climate & Culture through formal and informal Leadership

As a people, we've lost sight of the thing which truly matters for ensuring a healthy and flourishing society and that thing is moral and performance character.


Create Character Based Emerging School Leaders School System Wide through formal Character Based education

Robert and Patricia believed good character is the center of a satisfying, meaningful life. On a broader scale, that it is essential for both a just society and free enterprise. 



Create Virtues Based Servant Leaders Society Wide in this case leveraging formal virtue education via CCC in schools as the foundation.

Sir John sought to stimulate what he described as “spiritual progress.” His legacy now aims to advance human well-being by supporting research on the Big Questions, and by promoting character development, individual freedom, and free markets. 


A recent Gallup poll reported that 7 out of 10 school teachers feel emotionally disconnected and/or are dissatisfied with their workplace environments. In fact, of the surveyed professionals, school teachers were least likely to feel their opinions at work counted and the least likely to feel like their supervisor creates an “open and trusting environment.” Servant leadership (SL), a virtue-ethic based leadership model in which the moral virtue of humility co-exists with action-driven leader behaviors to prioritize the growth of staff and create a sense of community (Sousa & van Dierendonck, 2015), is associated with higher levels of job satisfaction, retention, productivity and other virtuous outcomes at the individual, team, and organizational level (Parris & Peachy, 2013). This proposal seeks funding for the creation of a course of study covering the philosophy of SL and the intentional cultivation of the SL virtues of Compassionate Love, Humility, Courage, Future-mindedness (foresight) and Forgiveness as they apply in the various workplace contexts and personal lives of current and future school/education leaders. The primary deliverable will be the SL course materials. We will also produce and post a report on the SL module integration.


The center will use the four-year grant to design, implement and evaluate a regional program that grows the reach of character education through professional development of emerging school leaders that are educated by UMSL and other local universities. The curriculum will prepare, mentor and support efforts to implement character education within area schools, according to a release.

The grant will extend the long-time goal of ensuring the next generation of school leaders prioritizes student character as they step into administrative roles and the program will serve as an extension of the existing character education leadership base established by the center since its opening in 2005.